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This page is graphics intensive so it may take a while to load. The small sample Christmas images shown on below are not as high in quality as the ones in the download package. If they were the same high quality you might be here all day waiting for the page to load and we know how important your time is, especially at Christmas.

Royalty Free Christmas Clipart, Photos and Graphics
You Found The
Complete Christmas Image Source
Over 1500 Christmas Clipart & Images

Tired Of Searching Free Graphics And Want To Make Sure You Have The Perfect Christmas Images? No More Searching, No More Hassles! The Christmas Graphics Super Pack Has Over 1500 Images And Is Royalty Free And You Can Download Them In Minutes!

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The Christmas Clipart & Graphics Super Pack is full of .jpg, .gif, and .png files and even some animations. Over 1500 Christmas images downloadable right now!

Need a quick Christmas card?  Just find one in this collection, print it out - and you're ready to send it to your loved one.

Out of gift tags? No problem! Find an appropriate image, print it out - and stick it to your Christmas Gift. You won't be running to the corner shop this year because you ran out of gift tags, and you will probably find some gift tags in here that you will never find in any shop. Especially for that "Vintage or Victorian Christmas" look that is so hard to find today.

There are even a few animations for your website and you can create your own Christmas banners!

Do you have items listed on eBay? Spice them up with your own Christmas images! Put your customers in a great mood with great looking auction pages, which will help you SELL MORE! You can use them to spice up your website, Twitter or Facebook page too.

The List Of Things You Can Do With These
Christmas Clipart & Graphics Is Almost Endless! 

Here Are MORE Ways To Use These Beautiful Images:

  • Use in your documents, invitations and fliers for work or home. There are black and white line images you can use on colored paper as well.
  • Great for children's activities & school projects... your students can browse through the Christmas Clipart to find images for school projects, or for creating their own Christmas cards.
  • Create church projects... use them in announcements for your church? The nativity selection is perfect for church projects and announcements.
  • Create "classified ads and fliers" for selling Christmas items... post them on bulletin boards at your local supermarkets. These are great places to advertise your Christmas sales.
  • Christmas ebooks... liven up your Christmas ebooks with these great images!
  • Use them in website designs... since these images were collected from Public Domain resources, that means you are free to use them for your own designs. Yes, even on templates that you wish to resell. Royalty FREE!
  • Create needlepoint patterns and scrapbooking... one lady who purchased this package created beautiful needlepoint projects with the images.
  • Create your own physical products... use "Zazzle" "CafePress" and other online areas to create Christmas mouse-pads, coffee mugs, t-shirts and more!
  • Use your creative genius... I'm sure you will come up with ways that we never thought of to use these gorgeous christmas graphics!

Take a look at a small slection of the incredible selection of Christmas images that are included in your Christmas Graphics Super Pack! Below you will find each category of the package, and a sample of what the images in that category look like. Below the images we also tell you exactly how many images are in each category. Every single one of the pictures listed below is in this package, plus many, MANY more! The images below are just samples and not as high quality as the ones you are purchasing in the Christmas Graphics Super Pack!


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We have done our best to include every kind of image you might possibly need. Buy these images ONCE, and reuse them year after year. You might only need a few graphics for gift tags or Christmas cards this year. Next year you may need to create some documents for work. The year after that, you may have your own eBay auctions or begin creating Christmas templates to sell!

How much would you expect all these images to be worth? I can't count the number of hours that went into gathering these graphics and creating this package? Let me just quickly remind you of how HUGE it is (don't worry about your download - we have broken the package down into smaller zip files to make it faster for you):

File Size Screenshot

Yes, that's RIGHT - OVER 156 MEG
Of Beautiful Christmas Images!

Over 1,500 Image Files In 22 Different Categories!

That screenshot was taken directly from my PC - and that's exactly what you'll get, over 1,500 images - that you can reuse over and over.

I thought about charging $97.00, the package is easily worth that one time payment after all the hours it took to find them all for you. But... during Christmas, everyone has a tight budget - including me :-)

So I thought, how about $67.00. Still a bit high though I thought. You can get a couple of really nice christmas presents for $67.

$47.00 then? I thought that after I split payments with other people who would also like to sell this package that would leave us both with about $23.50 - but then there are fees associated with selling - so say $21.00 each to round it off.

I have tell you that since I created this package my wife NOW KNOWS what price I decided on. She watched the kids (and twins at that!) for many hours so I would have time to create the Christmas Graphics Super Pack - so she wasn't real thrilled when she found out the price. I got the "well, are you going to charge $97.00 for that Christmas pack?" lecture.

No, I'm not kidding. She could talk me into upping the price a bit, and she has done it before. She means well. She's only looking out for our best interest really, and she can talk sense into me when she wants to!

So Download This Wonderful Set Of
Christmas Images RIGHT NOW For Just $47!!!

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The Images In The Download Package Are Of Higher Quality

Than The Ones Shown On The Page!

P.S. Remember... you get over 156 MB (broken down into smaller download sizes) of beautiful Christmas Graphics.. over 1500 images in 22 categories - all ROYALTY FREE... SO DOWNLOAD THEM NOW (EVEN IF IT IS 2 AM IN THE MORNING). THEY ARE YOURS TO KEEP FOREVER!

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Best Regards & Merry Christmas,


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PLEASE NOTE: These images have been collected from public domain sources, and to the best of our knowledge are believed to be free of copyright. If you find an image within this collection that is not free for distribution, please contact us with this information, and we will either remove the image, or credit its author.

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